Women in Action for Mandela’s Day


For Women in Action, every day is a Mandela Day as they care for communities and devote more than 67 minutes every day to making a difference

On July 18th, Woman in Action (WiA) visited CHOC House in Saxonwold and in Soweto to mark Mandela day. The team of volunteers arrived at CHOC house with their donations of groceries, toiletries and hand made mats for the home. The team met some of the CHOC staff members who expressed their gratitude for the weekly volunteer work WiA does in the hospital and shared positive feedback they have received from the parents and staff with whom they interact on their regular visits.

The team was taken on a tour of the house where they learned about the history of the establishment. The children welcomed the Woman in Action volunteers and were happy to see them visiting the home as they recognised some of the volunteers whom they had met at the hospital. Two of the mums spoke briefly to the WIA volunteers about the treatment journey of their children and thanked them for the work that they do. WiA volunteers spent time with the children both inside and outside in the play ground despite the weather being a little chilly.

One of the boys asked for his mum to accompany him to have extra playtime with the WIA members. He held the hand of the volunteer firmly and asked if they could play on the swing. This showed the level of trust and comfort that the little lad had and also the confidence and joy the mum had when seeing how happy her son was.

The donations will be split between CHOC House Saxonwold and CHOC House Diepkloof. This will provide for these homes and for 34 children including their caregivers.

Nelson Mandela International Day (or Mandela Day) is an annual international day in honor of Nelson Mandela. Although it is celebrated on the 18th of July, the Woman in Action volunteers always make it their mission to help those in need and be a support system to those going through trying times all year around.

National Hospital Co-ordinations visited the hospital in the morning and Woman in Action donated 67 hampers of toiletries to the patients in the clinic and in the wards. Many people were inspired by the work done by the WiA volunteers. There were four nurses and six staff members who shared the celebration and thanked WiA for their ongoing support.

Woman in Action donated 40 hampers made up of a mug, chocolate and biscuits to the staff, mothers and children suffering from cancer at CHOC House in Durban. Woman in Action also prepared and served breakfast.

The volunteers then visited children receiving treatment at the Albert Luthuli Hospital where they donated socks to help keep patients warm during winter. The nurses, mothers and staff also received hampers. Both the mothers and staff were very happy and grateful to Woman in Action for remembering them.

Cape Town
Women in Action volunteers visited two CHOC houses: Tygerburg CHOC House and Sybrand Park CHOC House as well as Tygerburg Hospital. They donated 68 hampers of rugs, place mates and hygiene products.
The rugs which were made with love by Woman in Action were given to the mothers and nurses at all three venues and the hygiene hampers were donated to the CHOC Houses. Spending 67 minutes with the patients and parents was extremely rewarding, specially seeing the smile on their faces. The parents were so happy and grateful for the gifts they received. It was wonderful to see their smiling faces showing their appreciation of the WiA volunteers’ gestures of love.

At Sybrand Park CHOC House, WiA volunteers were received by the Western Cape manager and at Tygerburg CHOC House by the house manager. Both were so welcoming, even though they had other visitors on Mandela Day, they took time to thank WiA for their ongoing work and for the gifts they had prepared. At Tygerburg Hospital the nurses expressed appreciation for the work done by WiA throughout the year. Everyone received a hamper.

East London
Women in Action volunteers visited Frere Hospital. Spending time with 53 patients and donating fruit packs to emphasise the importance of eating healthily. They also donated new cushions for their wooden bench.

Women in Action volunteers visited the oncology clinic at Steve Biko Hospital, spending time with seven children who all received a small pillow. Some parents requested a gift too and there were enough to meet this need. The volunteers then visited ward 1.1 where the “pink ladies” as the volunteers are known, were welcomed warmly. Here all 16 children received a gift which they accepted with gratitude and joy.

Mandela Day was a productive day at the Busy Bee hospice as Women in Action served breakfast and donated hand-made place mats and gifts to patients and staff which were greatly appreciated. Everyone was thankful to the volunteers for making the day special and for caring for patients on an ongoing basis throughout the year.


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