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The secret to Peace and Contentment

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To equip women to become a new version of themselves, Godllywood Self-Help held a meeting on Saturday, 11 May, in its main church in Johannesburg.

Hosted by the founder of the Universal Church, Bishop Edir Macedo, the meeting was live-streamed from the Temple of Solomon in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Bishop Macedo spoke about the importance of the Holy Spirit and trusting in God.

“Most women worry about their lives and that leads them to anxiety. They worry about everything including what they will eat, wear and even about their love life. Anxiety is a spirit that makes a person become anxious and it can lead to depression. When people are depressed, they end up killing themselves because they see no way out.

When Jesus speaks about life, He refers to the soul which is more important than what you eat, drink and wear. Your body has an expiry date, but your soul is eternal. If one dies while in faith and  is righteous, the soul will go to heaven,” said Bishop Macedo. He encouraged all present to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and to trust in God with their lives.

“Maybe you still don’t have the Holy Spirit because you are anxious and want to serve God in your own way.  For you to receive the Holy Spirit, you have to be pure. You have to confess your sins to Jesus because it’s only He who can purify your life.

If you want to be baptised with the Holy Spirit, you need to surrender your life to Jesus and seek Him first.  When you have the Holy Spirit, you don’t worry about what you will eat, wear or what others say about you because you are content,” said Bishop Macedo.

He then prayed for those who wanted to be baptised with the Holy Spirit and become better women. The meeting was also live-streamed to other provinces in South Africa.


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