Friday, September 20

The secret to beauty

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Honouring the 20 000 disenfranchised women without any civil rights and liberties who marched to Pretoria in 1956 expressing their outrage at the restrictions imposed on them by the South African apartheid government, almost 16 000 women gathered at Universal Church of the Kingdom of God’s churches throughout the country on Women’s Day to pay tribute to their courage and honour their legacy. For eleven years, Women in Action and Godllywood have hosted events on 9 August, bringing an uplifting and inspiring message to women, acknowledging that although modern lives are, in many ways, easier than the struggle faced by women 63 years ago, women still need to learn how to use the freedom they have.

Marcia Pires, founder of Women in Action, said: “All these years later, women need to believe in their ability and know that they have value. “ The subject for the Women’s Day meeting was to explore beauty that is not inherited or bought. Mrs Marcia said, “Very few women are satisfied with their appearance. They strive to look different, to fit in with what society regards as beautiful. If they were not born with certain perceived beautiful attributes, such as the colour of their skin or the style of their hair, they struggle with their identity and search for solutions which can be bought or achieved through hard work.”

Mrs Marcia encouraged young women to stand firm against peer pressure and find acceptance with other godly women who share their standards and values. She cautioned against the expectation that many have, that in order to be accepted they need to have a boyfriend and then a child. She explained the Biblical secret of becoming beautiful. “The only way you can find true value in yourself and see your inner beauty, is to surrender relationships, fears, grudges, unforgiveness, past hurtful experiences and to ask the Holy Spirit to fill the spaces you have emptied for Him. When you invite Him into yourself, He will come and change everything including your self-image and incorrect beliefs about yourself and your worth. Through the Holy Spirit we have beauty and confidence.”

In closing, she encouraged women to love and accept themselves and live a fulfilled life, without striving for unattainable changes. “When you know who you are as a child of God, your value and self-worth do not depend on circumstances. Your heavenly Father will give you strength beyond your human nature and you will be strong to withstand any attack from society. Challenges will not disappear but knowing your true value and acknowledging your inner beauty, you will be empowered to succeed in every area of life. Celebrate being a beautiful woman every day, and today enjoy Women’s Day.”


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