Sisterhood: Rush Season 2


South-Africa-sisterhoodWhen the Sisterhood started in Johannesburg in February this year, more than 80 young women participated, but only 20 made it to the final stage. They were all assigned different tasks which led to successful candidates taking part in the Pledge ceremony.

The UCKG in Johannesburg hosted its first Pledge ceremony on 11th April 2010. The ceremony officially welcomed participants as “women of God in the making”. It acknowledged that they qualified as pledges, women who had passed all the tasks given to them during the “Rush” month. The “Rush” month is the first month in which all candidates are given tests or tasks to complete. Prospective candidates had to undergo different stages and interviews before they could qualify.

The main reason behind the Sisterhood is to teach young ladies how to live their lives as young women, to enjoy this time in their lives, but in a way that won’t harm their Christian faith. It also teaches these young women how to deal with the pressures surrounding them on a daily basis. The tasks not only help promote different social skills, like helping people or assisting family at home, but it also promotes the more sensitive issues like proper behaviour for Christian women.

These tasks qualify the candidates to be called pledges. The Sisterhood in South Africa is now in its second season. This project aims to bring out the best in each and every young God-fearing woman. Although begun in Johannesburg, candidates from all areas are welcome.

Zandile Finiza is taking part for the second time in the Sisterhood selection. She did not make it in the first round. “I decided to give it a try again because I want to improve my life in a Godly way. I want to be a good example to other young girls in this journey to holiness. I want them to look up to me. This project has taught me to be more disciplined, creative, organised and openminded. During the “Rush” month things were hectic because I had to concentrate on my work and also give my all to the tasks given to me,” said Zandile.

Some of the terminology used:

  • Pledges – Someone who makes a lifestyle choice by vowing to uphold the code of Sisterhood
  • Task – All the activities to be performed before becoming a pledge.
  • Candidates – All those who are still working their way up to being pledges through their performances in tasks assigned.
  • Pledge ceremony – the official welcome of pledges to the Sisterhood when they have completed their assigned tasks. Important News:

All Season 1 pledges that showed outstanding performance in their tasks will be awarded on Award Night.

Sisterhood fruits – Thando

Thando and Luiza

This is our youngest Pledge, only 17. She has been attending the church for the past 1year and 7 months, coming from a very troubled background as any of our teenagers who mingle with the crowd.

At the age of 14, she got involved with bad friendship who introduced her to every practice that teenagers follow in the world. She did drugs, she went to parties and she became a bully herself.

Short tempered by nature and as a survival skill in school, no one would there to confront her.

She applied for Sisterhood last January and made her way through beating another 50 candidates. God had a special plan for her, through Sisterhood.

She has been reporting to us dramatic changes in her perception of life, future goals and character.

Who is our Thando today?

She is self controlled, to the point of friends enquiring what happened to her for more they try to take her out of Spirit, she does not give in. She found herself as a feminine and beautiful young lady, she was baptized with the Holy Spirit last May, she is a candidate to become an assistant , an active Youth Group member and is volunteering now in Sunday School.

Are we still wondering what God can make through Sisterhood? No, we are not. We know!

But maybe you are still wondering what God can do to change your life, as a Pledge. The secret is simple: give yourself entirely to God, no reserves, do not try to keep faithful to the old you, let Him make you all over again.



  1. Hi.I’m 19 and from UCKG Mauritius.many women would like to delete their past and start again.The key is within us;give ourselves to God.But not just say it but live it,be sincere…me too,i thought that I had no aim,I used to feel alone,there was a void inside me.but since I really know Jesus,my life has been transformed…What man has not been able to do in 18 years,He did them in one year!!

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