When I joined the course, I was as good as dead. I was weak in my faith and filled with doubts and emptiness I was emotionally sick, full of sadness and living with no hope.

I also dated someone who did not share my faith and that left me with a feeling of rejection and guilt. At some point, I wanted to leave the church because I thought I did not deserve to be there. I blamed myself for every wrong decision I made. I also had an inferiority complex. I compared myself to other people who were better off and believed I was not beautiful.

Attending the Self Awareness course made me see myself the way God sees me. I was able to accept myself and all my mistakes. I understood that I did not have the power to change my past, but I have control over my future.

I prayed and surrendered my past and every pain in my heart to Him. I learnt to invest in building a strong relationship with God and that helped develop my hope for a blessed future.

I ended my relationship with my partner because I wanted to live a pleasing life before God. The thoughts of leaving the church and the feeling of guilt disappeared because I was in good standing with God. I started to value myself based on who I am inside. I received the Holy Spirit and no longer felt empty.


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