Loving and embracing the person I am


“Growing up, I believed I was not beautiful as a girl. Other children always teased me because of the acne on my face and told me I was ugly.

That killed my self-esteem and took away my confidence. I was a lonely and angry girl who had no peace. My mind was so polluted with negative thoughts that even when people complimented me, I did not believe them. Knowing of my frustration, my mother invited me to the Universal Church in 2006.

At a service I was encouraged to talk about my insecurities and received counselling.

It took me a year to start believing in myself and rebuilding my confidence.

My life completely turned around in 2011 after I joined the Godllywood group. I learned to love and embrace the person I am. I changed the way I dressed and even enjoyed dressing up and looking good.

I understood that I was perfectly created by God. The feelings of inferiority came to an end. I’m now a confident young woman and I believe I am beautiful. I no longer seek validation from anyone. I walk around with my head held up high because I no longer have insecurities,” said Tumelo.


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