Tuesday, October 22

Letting go of the past

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Women in Action held a special meeting during the 16 Days of Activism called the Lord’s Supper of Forgiveness. The meeting took place on Sunday, 4 December 2016, at the main church in Johannesburg, for all women to learn about the benefit of forgiveness and how harmful an unforgiving heart is to oneself. The meeting was streamed live to all provinces around the country.

Mrs Marcia Pires explained that women are the ones who suffer the most in society when they face problems, because they are emotionally inclined by nature. Many women carry pain inside which becomes difficult to deal with over time, especially when it involves past experiences of rejection or abuse.

“With women, issues are easily taken to the extreme because we are emotional beings. Emotions serve a purpose in women’s lives, because being caregivers and homemakers comes naturally to most … They cannot take care of their families if they have a cold demeanour.

However, with the same God-given emotional capacity, these very emotions can work against them if they can’t keep them under control. Women have been through different situations of abuse, rejection and betrayal. Without noticing it, they carry these feelings with them. This leads to even more suffering,” said Mrs Pires.

Quoting from the Book of Luke in the Bible, she spoke about the importance of forgiveness. She said that forgiving is not an easy task, especially for women, because it is not easy for them to let go.
“When Jesus spoke to the apostles about forgiveness, they immediately asked Him to increase their faith. In other words, they were asking for the strength to carry this out because when you think about forgiving someone who has wronged you many times in a day, you really need to have that strength.

You don’t forgive someone for the good of that person, but you set yourself free of the hurt and burden. Forgiveness is for your own benefit, because while you carry that pain inside of you, you can’t live your life properly. You can only be able to forgive when you take a decision to forgive. When you forgive you receive a new life. Joy enters your heart,” said Mrs Marcia. She also encouraged women to make a decision to let go of the past and forgive themselves for the wrong they may have done to themselves or others.

Women were invited to participate in the Lord’s Supper to receive strength and forgiveness for their sins from the Lord Jesus.

WiA members were also available for one-to-one counselling.


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