Before I took part in the Self Awareness course, I had unresolved inner conflicts. I would be moody and sad for no reason. I ended up being lonely because I did not like other people.

To escape my loneliness, I dated many men at once.
My situation worsened last year after I discovered that I had been born as a result of my mother’s rape.

That was an unbearable pain for me. I tried to cover my inner pain by making myself look beautiful on the outside. I bought fancy and fashionable clothes. That made me feel better, but the pain was deepening inside.

Early this year, a pastor’s wife advised me to attend the Self Awareness course. In the course I understood that I needed to commit my life to God and allow Him to heal my inner wounds.

I ended all my relationships with the men I dated because I wanted God in my life.

I also understood that I was delaying my healing by covering up my pain. I was able to deal with my inner pain and issues. I started to experience a peace I never felt before. I now live a joyous life in the presence of God. My richness and beauty cannot be defined by expensive clothing but it’s something from within.


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