Tuesday, October 22

Embarrassed by my Daughter’s behaviour

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Frustrated by the behaviour of her child who started stealing when she was eight years old, Joyce turned to the School of Mothers for help.

“I was already attending the services with my two daughters when the youngest one developed a habit of stealing. She stole my friend’s cell phone and it was difficult for me to believe she had taken it because I trusted her. She later admitted stealing the phone.

Her stealing problem escalated to the point that she stole in supermarkets and she was caught by police twice. The first time she was caught by security guard with stolen baby clothes in her school bag. She was kept at the supervisor’s office and we were called to fetch her. I was angry and shouted her for what she had done, but that did not change her behaviour.

The second time she was caught in another supermarket with baby clothes again and the manager of the shop called the police for her. I was embarrassed and ashamed when I saw my daughter in the police vehicle because I knew she had done something wrong. She was released to us on warning,” she said. That was when Joyce realised, she needed help and she turned to the School for Mothers.

“I was offered counselling and I was empowered to become a better mother. I understood that shouting and being angry at her, pushed her away. I began to reason with her and maintain calmness each time I had to correct her. I continued praying for her and she slowly started to change. Our relationship grew stronger and she started opening up to me about her challenges. It was not long before she stopped stealing and became a good child. She is now a 13-year-old girl, responsible and help me with household chores,” said Joyce.


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