Early detection saved Sarah’s life


Early detection saved Sarah’s life after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.

“I developed a lump in my right breast and it was so painful that I could not sleep at night. Alcohol and dagga became my way to dull the pain.

I went to the hospital for tests and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor told me that I needed surgery to remove the breast.
I was then booked in for an operation where my breast was removed and I regularly went for mammograms.

The pain persisted especially when I tried to sleep on my right side,” said Sarah. Sarah was invited to the Universal Church that year.
“In the church I learned that being diagnosed with cancer was not the end of the world.

I needed to pray, take care of my health and trust God for my healing. After two months in the church, the pains disappeared. I was able to sleep peacefully at night. I am still continuing with my scheduled check-ups even though I have not had any pain in the past two years,” said Sarah.


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