Friday, September 20

Depression and Anxiety in Women

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The myth that women are expected to be super-powered individuals in all areas of life, including the work place and their home, causes an unhealthy amount of pressure on them.

God gave woman the nature of a care giver. Women see things from a different perspective to men and pay attention to detail. They are more caring and understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. They provide physical, emotional and financial support to their families. Women are always looking for opportunities to develop themselves by studying and they also work harder to be promoted.  However, that leaves them with no or little time to rest or take care of themselves. It is when they fail to do everything and be everything on their own that they become anxious and depressed.  Depression can drain one’s energy, leave women feeling empty, sad and helpless. It can isolate you from the people who care for and love you.

However, in the book of Proverbs 12:25, King Solomon teaches how a ‘good word’ which is the word of God, can minister healing to those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

This Bible passage teaches people to depend on God’s word and prayer to deal with their daily life. In one of the Self-Help meetings in Johannesburg, Mrs Marcia Pires spoke about how anxiety and depression could push one away from God.

“The desire to lead a successful life or to achieve certain goals puts more anxiety on people. Some become anxious about their studies, career, property, taking care of the family and getting married. The more you achieve your goals, the more anxious and depressed you become. That anxiety starts bothering you and causes you to make poor decisions.

It is human nature that when you are not able to achieve your goals, you use your own strength, without realising that you are distancing yourself from God.  You need to learn to surrender all to Him. Ask for guidance from God and then the anxiety and depression will go away because the One who is in the centre of your life is in control,” said Mrs Pires.


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