Women listen to their inner voice to unlock their potential and unleash their passion


On Women’s Day, a group of more than 25 000 women, men and children, marched 5km in absolute silence from the Maponya Mall in Soweto to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God’s Diepkloof church, paying tribute to legendary leaders who, 60 years ago, listened to their inner voice and were one of the catalysts for change in South Africa.

For the last two years Women in Action (WiA), wives of bishops and pastors from the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), have hosted an event on Women’s Day taking a stand against societal challenges including abuse and injustice. This year each person marched for themselves, taking the opportunity to listen to their inner voice and respond to its promptings. The march expressed solidarity with everyone who desires change in their lives and transformation in South African society.

Themed “Your inner voice” participants were asked to honour themselves and to reflect on their lives and identify areas where they would like things to change. It could be that they are frustrated with their present circumstances, unhappy with their career, being abused in their marriage or striving to change their family’s values. Or perhaps they have been defeated by criticism and negativity and given up on their goals. The silent march offered an opportunity for reflection and introspection.

Marcia Pires, who founded Women in Action on Women’s Day seven years ago, said: “Take this time to find your dreams, unlock your purpose, unleash your passion and rescue your forgotten plan for a better future. Too often women listen to the advice or criticism of others and the noise of the world drowns out the wisdom of your inner voice. Perhaps you do what others think is right for you and have lost sight of your own vision for yourself. Take a good look at your life and your circumstances and you will probably find that you have been ignoring your inner voice and avoiding positive change. Your inner voice is your moral compass and will guide you to what is right for your life. While you walk, identify something that you can change that will enhance your life and improve your circumstances. And then take steps to implement a change.”

She continued: “Just as those legendary and brave women 60 years ago knew in their inner being that things were wrong, that they were being treated unfairly and denied opportunities, and that things had to change, you probably have the same insights about your life and your situation. You too can change them and embrace a positive future. Driven by this certainty, you will be able to overcome any challenges. Nothing will prevent you from transforming your life and being happy, content and completely fulfilled.”


Walking behind a banner stating: “Wathinta abafazi, wathinta imbhokodo” the crowd carried placards with slogans including:

  • Wise choices begin with responding to our inner voice
  • Your inner voice empowers and encourages you in all things
  • In silence you can hear your inner voice clearly
  • History has been changed by those who responded to their inner voice
  • If it feels wrong for you, it is
  • Trust your inner voice. It knows what is right for you
  • Every life changing decision starts with a feeling driven by our inner voice

Having walked in complete silence for almost two hours, the procession joined the crowd gathered at the UCKG church in Diepkloof where Marcia Pires said: “Along the journey I am sure you thought of successes and failures in your life, moments of joy and sadness. Perhaps you realised just how often you focus on the opinions of others and respond to situations out of fear and doubt. Today I encourage you to listen to what you know is right for you. Identify what you want to do with your life and work towards achieving that. Don’t let voices of fear or insecurity steal your dreams and don’t conform to the ideas of others. You know what is right for you. No longer pay attention to the negativity that is plaguing your life and preventing you from achieving your dreams. From today onwards, don’t let criticism and negative comments demotivate you nor focus on your shortcomings. You are all precious children of God who will empower and equip you to achieve your purpose.”

Marcia Pires then revealed the truth that each one’s inner voice is the Voice of God. It is His way of guiding you to act in a different way, to change things which are not positive for you.

She encouraged the crowd to continue their personal journey every day and to acknowledge that transformation begins inside each one of us, with a decision to do things differently.  She said: “Embrace who you are and what you want for your life. Make sure you unleash your passion and achieve your full potential.”

National Women’s Day also marks the birthday of Women in Action. The organisation was founded on 9 August 2008 and celebrates its 7th anniversary this year. The group’s anchor project is in creating cancer awareness and offering emotional support to those diagnosed with the disease, journeying alongside patients and their families through the treatment process. A second ongoing project is helping women who have suffered trauma and abuse, offering trauma counselling to help victims overcome their past and live victorious lives.

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