Women in Action – year-end appreciation to hospital staff


The past year, 2015, has been a fruitful and most successful year for Women in Action members who advanced their work in various spheres such as spreading awareness through WIA websites, yearly visits to prisons and schools, educating cancer patients and family members about cancer and its dangers as well as answering common concerns and fears.

They are also involved in annual campaigns such as the Avon Justine iThemba walk, which took place in October 2015.  The WIA ‘Dressed in awareness’ campaign, also took place in October and women were encouraged to pledge ribbons, which were placed on a doll.
In the midst of their many activities throughout the year, focus was not lost on their main objective as the team was still very much committed to their weekly hospital visits. Their work with CHOC, a foundation for Childhood Cancer, has developed extensively. They not only gave to the children and parents during their visits, but also to the staff members who labour each and every day, helping both patient and family members through their cancer journey. It was time for the staff to be appreciated.
WiA members gathered in each area (JHB, BFT, CT, DBN, EL, PTA, Umtata and Zambia) and gave back. The wards came to life with lots of party packs, cakes, gifts and above all, love, as the teams thanked the staff for their support, dedication and care towards the children and adults who pass through these wards daily.  WiA’s loyalty and passion for what they do was recognised by the staff, adults and children.
As WiA said goodbye to one more year, they look forward to 2016 which will be the year of Excellence and Discipline when their aim is to make a further impact on others and change lives.



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