The Self-Help meetings have blessed me!


Godllywood’s self-help group, launched in January this year, held its second meeting on Saturday, 20 February, at the Universal Church in Plein Street Johannesburg.
gogoThis meeting was also broadcast to the provincial churches Speaking at the meeting themed ‘humbleness’, Mrs Marcia Pires who is responsible for Godllywood in South Africa encouraged women always to be humble and seek help when needed. She spoke about seven signs of pride and said that a person who is full of pride does not recognise her mistakes, she does not ask for help, she is unforgiving, wants everything done her own way, always has something to say about everything, she hates to depend on someone and does not accept criticism.

Universal News spoke to Martha, a self-help participant who shared her experiences in the group. “I joined the group after I discovered that I was battling with opening up and talking about things that affected me emotionally. I’ve always thought that as an older person I knew everything, however coming to these meetings unlocked another part of me that was willing to learn new things. At a recent meeting I understood the importance of humbleness and always seeking help from others when necessary. Today I’m a better mother and grandmother to my family,” she said.



  1. I am also blessed by joning the meetings of Self Help.I learn a lot especial about pride and humblenesd, , our behaviour , and also about our attitude . I was always quate but now i like to talk with people asking this and that.. I thank God for openning these Self Help Meetings for me because i can see my way forward.

  2. I am Angelina from vanderbijl park in Gauteng,i will like to thank God for his servants of uckg who are always there to support and to guide us with so much passion,understanding and warmth.I also thank the church for the meeting that they hold for women like self help,i am really gratefull to be part of it because each taskasanoffering bring change in me,nomatter how easy the task may seem but i learn something good out of it.Thanks a lot

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