Inspiring women to unlock their potential


International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March every year and this year, the theme for the day will focus on women in the changing world of work.

Internationally the day honours women and acknowledges the important roles they play in society. One of the day’s objectives is to empower all women and girls, enabling them to unlock their full potential. The cause of educating and empowering women has been adopted by Women in Action and Godllywood, groups which run ongoing campaigns to equip women to understand their value and achieve their dreams.

Women in Action’s trained volunteers work as cancer supporters journeying alongside women through the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Project Rahab’s trained counsellors help victims of trauma overcome
the abuse and work towards freeing themselves from their past and embracing a positive future. Godllywood’s self-help group has looked at the many different roles women play as daughters, wives, aunts, mothers, friends and colleagues encouraging them to strive for excellence in all areas.

An important consideration has been to teach women the importance of taking care of themselves, making time to look after their health rather than looking after their families at the expense of their own wellbeing.

In the past women used to work in the home as unpaid caregivers and homemakers. Their role was to raise children, support husbands emotionally and play a part in extended families and communities. More recently they have entered the workforce where they contribute to the family’s income and take on leadership roles.

These demands take their toll on women who still have responsibilities in the family. Acknowledging the changing lives of women, this year International Women’s Day will look at measures to ensure women’s economic empowerment and protection in the changing workplace.

The reality is that women are often undervalued and under paid as well as being subject to gender abuse and violence in the workplace. Women in Action offer a confidential, non-judgmental service to all women.

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