The dictionary defines this word as firmness of purpose; resoluteness. Applying this to the practicality of living in the world, we can translate it as follows: you have to be sure of your purpose and you have to be resolute in achieving it.
It is not a matter of simply having a dream or an ideal and trying for a little while to achieve it, but when confronting difficulties and barriers, you might choose to give up and put your initial purpose aside.

Being determined means being purpose driven. It is not believing that a change will happen from time to time or by magic, but it means striving to achieve what you need or want.

In striving, you will put all your efforts into your dream and it will only be realised if you have made a decision to achieve your goal.
No one is born with determination. This is something we have to develop through our life time. When we are confronted by difficult moments or great opportunities, it is up to us to opt for pursuing our purpose, or just giving up.

We live in the era of procrastination and that opposes determination. Determination is preceded by a decision and followed by action.
Many faithful Christians do not develop determination. They believe that their prayers alone will bring what they need into existence and they go through life expecting that miracle to happen, but to no avail.

This is a reflection of emotional faith – one transfers all the responsibility to God and crosses his arms.
Determination is one characteristic of intelligent faith – one knows that he needs to act, to play his part, at least 50%, in order to achieve what is needed.

Through the determination of great heroes in our society, we have benefited from amazing changes. Women have played such an important role in obtaining freedom in South Africa and only because they have purposed in their minds to fight for this cause.

You might be going through an injustice, a financial problem, abuse, rejection, suffering and pain. What are you doing about it? I invite you to determine a change in your life. I bless you with this change but don’t forget that determination requires actions. What will you do to overcome what you are going through?

Marcia Pires


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