Day Twelve – 16 Days of Activism


Quotes: People can be cruel, and they will be. People can hurt you, break your heart and they will. But only you can let them keep hurting you…”

The Cycle of Abuse

HONEYMOON or Reconciliation phase

• Abuser apologizes for abuse, some beg forgiveness or show sorrows
• Abuser may promise it will never happen again
• Blames victim for provoking the abuse or denies abuse occurred
• Minimizing, denying or claiming the abuse wasn’t as bad as victim claims

CALM before the tension starts again.

• Abuses slow or stop
• Abuser acts like the abuse never happened
• Promises made during honeymoon stage may be met
• Abuser may give gifts to victim
• Victim believes or wants to believe the abuse is over or the abuser will change

(Often the cycle of violence is portrayed as 3 steps: tension, acting out and honeymoon phases, where the Honeymoon and Calm phase are seen as one.)


• limiting outside involvement
• making another avoid people/friends/family by deliberately embarrassing or humiliating them in front of others
• expecting another to report every move and activity
• restricting use of the car
• moving residences

As part of our program for the 16 Days of Activism we are available to give you support and help you overcome your past or current situation. You can get hold of us through the following channels:

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