Day Fourteen – 16 Days of Activism


Quote: Heart: I do not give you the authority to rule it, abuse it, or use it. I give it to you because I trust you enough to take great care of it.”

The Cycle of Abuse

Using Children or Pets

• threatening to take the children away
• making the partner feel guilty about the children
• abusing children or pets to punish the partner
• using the children to relay messages

Using Priviledges (perceived or cultural)

• treating another like a servant
• making all the big decisions
• being the one to define male and female roles
• acting like the master or queen of the castle

Sexual Abuse

• sex on demand or sexual withholding
• physical assaults during sexual intercourse
• spousal rapes or non-consensual sex
• sexually degrading language
• denying reproductive freedom

You are Invited!

On the 10th of December at 5pm, we will be hosting our last meeting for the 16 Days of Activism for 2015, with the theme Relationships and we will be honoured with your presence.

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