Be different to make a difference


Women are attracted to things that are different. We might see a stylish outfit in a shop window which immediately attracts our attention. It does not matter if we already have something similar, with just a minor detail or two different. The new one now seems to be what we need.

Are we however prepared to be different ourselves? Are we prepared to be true to our nature and stand for what we believe in, knowing it is right? It may be easier to give in and go along with the crowd, just to fit in.

Who has not been to places that you didn’t really want to, but simply agreed because your friend wanted to go?

How many times have you sat with friends who criticised others or gossiped about someone who wasn’t there?

Despite feeling uncomfortable at the time, did you just keep quiet and smile?

If we examine our behaviour, we will see how often we do things that go against our nature and beliefs, simply to avoid being different.

While we like what is different, it is difficult to pay the price, particularly when it concerns being different for God. One of the outstanding and memorable aspects of the story of Esther is that she was different.

She was surrounded by beautiful ladies, all hoping to please the king with the richest of fabrics and jewels and be chosen as his queen, but she chose to be different. She chose to let her inner beauty shine, rather than be distracted by the riches which could have been hers.

All she asked was for God to protect and guide her footsteps, gestures and words, praying that His will be done, not hers. It was this difference that conquered the king. And in other circumstances, Esther acted boldly, not afraid to cling to her belief in God and to her self-respect and personal values.

In Biblical times, God used women like Esther and Deborah, but today He wants to use you and me!
To make a difference, we have to be different. We have to be courageous, to stand out and live by what we believe as strong women who are Godly examples.

Do not fear to live up to what you believe, even if you end up with a smaller group of friends. Believe me, there are other women out there looking for someone who will take the lead, who will not accept bullying, who will not accept “opinion makers” but who will turn God’s principles their own.

As you stand your ground, soon others will follow you and you will be making a difference today.


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