A woman’s strength


Faced with the daily toil of work hours equal to or greater than that of many men, a woman’s talent, in any professional area, becomes more evident each day. But this has come at a cost — dealing with insecurities, leaving children in someone else’s care, maintaining
a loving relationship in the face of independence.

This was the topic raised at the Godllywood September meeting – held by Bishop Macedo and transmitted throughout Brazil – on the strength found in a woman with her apparent fragility. The biblical passage illustrating the meeting is well known, though often going unnoticed:

The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands. Proverbs 14.1

Many women think that their level of education, appearance or professional success makes the difference, but what really counts is the wisdom she possesses. Understand that wisdom and intelligence are two very different things. Wisdom is knowing how to keep your emotions under control to make the best decisions. “When you are wise, you are powerful,” said the bishop.

Among thousands of women who attended the meeting, many said this message was special and transformative. According to Ana Lima:
“It was so insightful to listen to the bishop … He explained how women have a certain way of being, by using a different point of view. After all, there is a difference between the sexes. Women are more about emotions and feelings, and we tend to lose our grip on reality and reason (a little bit). We deal with situations without thinking things through and without putting into practice the advice that God has given us.

The bishop said it’s good to compare our partner to our father, or have our father as a reference. This completely opened my eyes, because it’s the absolute truth. We look for someone that mirrors them, but I had never thought of this before. Most importantly, we must observe this man’s relationship with God, his family, and especially his mother.

It’s such impressive advice. The ethics and origin of God’s discipline does not fit our current situation, because the evolution and progress wasn’t exactly a positive one.

May God bless you so that we may have your presence in our meetings more often, and may God bless this work, which is not of men, but of God and for God.”

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  1. C’est vrai par ce que nous nous disent Dieu peut rien FAI pour nous mais en réalité lui seul peur nous transformé si nous laissons Dieu a FAI un travail de soumissions et de sagesses je croix que nous allons réussi dans notre vie que Dieu nous fortifié

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